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The Family Rights Coalition of Michigan believes that family is the cell of a society. In the healthy family, love and unconditional devotion yields the highest form of human connectivity. Communities and nations founded on healthy families create the greatest promise for a moral and economically vibrant society. Connectedness inspired by family relationships transcends all time, generations, ethnicities and geography. It creates a rich human tapestry and a fullness of life not achievable by any other means.

Family is the foundation and center of a dynamic, civil society and a robust, growing economy that allows people to develop, grow and achieve far more than they could on their own. We believe that the institution of marriage provides natural safeguards for children, parents and the entire family that a just and free nation must labor to protect.

We believe every child has a birthright to be parented equally, fully and lovingly by a father and a mother alike unencumbered by state interference even when circumstances require parents to parent apart. We affirm also that a child benefits from the love, guidance and nurturance of all family members including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. To these ends, the Family Rights Coalition of Michigan dedicates itself to safeguarding marriage and the parent-child bond through fellowship, education, community involvement, and political activism.

Core Principles

Love of Marriage

Fundamental Respect For Families

Respect for Human Dignity

Gender Equality

Children Need Both Parents

Equal Parenting & Equal Responsibilities

Judicial & Governmental Accountability

Screening of "The Child: A revealing Documentary"
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Do you think you have parental rights? Think again.

Attend our screening of the movie “The Child: A Revealing Documentary”

Here’s your chance to learn about the Parental Rights Amendment and find out what is going on here in Rochester Hills and across the country.

Did you know that the government has already stripped parents of a great amount of authority?

Do you believe that parents, and not the government, should have decision-making control over children?

Did you know that state agencies can remove a child from your home based on an anonymous tip, with no corroborating evidence and without any regard for your Fourth Amendment right of due process?

Did you know that parents lose ALL legal authority over their children when they drop their kids off at a public school door?

Did you know that government-run public schools and health clinics can treat your child for STD’s or drug and alcohol issues, hand out and/or prescribe prophylactics, and in many cases arrange for abortions for your child without your consent or knowledge?

Did you know that school systems can teach anything they want to your children and you have NO RIGHT to know what they are being taught or to opt them out of classes you think are objectionable?

You’re invited to a free screening and discussion of the movie:

“The Child: A Revealing Documentary”

January 22nd at 12:30 pm

At St. Mary of the Hills in the Andrew/Anselm Room

2675 John R Rd

Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Call: 248-917-5142 for more information.

Announcing a FREE Prescription Savings Card from the Family Rights Coalition!
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Announcing Our FREE Prescription Savings Card!

We, at the Family Rights Coalition, are very excited about this new program, a card that will save your family substantially on prescriptions NOT covered by insurance. We are already getting very positive feedback about the program! We think it is the right card at the right time. We did it to help families save desperately needed money in these difficult times and, also, as a way to raise money for the FRC.

Some specifics:

-The card is FREE to everyone.

-You print the card from our website. Just click the red RX card on the right to get started.

-All it takes is a first and last name and an e-mail address.

-It is activated instantly.

-Can be used at 54,000 locations nationwide (USA).

-Almost 900 locations in Michigan alone.

-Saves you money on your prescriptions NOT covered by insurance or purchased without insurance.

-Check the card web page for savings on a couple of other programs, including vitamins, eyeglasses and teeth whitening.

-Good at Walgreens, Meijer, CVS, K-Mart, Walmart, Kroger, and many many more...

-Every time you use it, you promote the defense of family and the FRC gets a commission.

Check out the testimonial on our facebook discussion boards!

To get yours, click the red RX card on the right!

Please spread the word to everyone you know!



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Donations may also be made by mailing a check or money order to:

The Family Rights Coalition of Michigan
P.O. Box 366
Troy, MI 48099

As a 501(C)4, your donations are NOT tax deductible, but every dollar we collect can be used to lobby for government change.
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